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Who are we ?

The Federation of Secular Works

of Drôme  FOL 26 is the Association

owner and manager of

Vacation village.

FOL 26 is affiliated with the Education League which is a Popular Education Federation, based on the values of secularism, citizenship, solidarity, resource center for associations and primary and secondary educational establishments.

5 areas of action at the FOL  26:

  • Supporting community life: Acting on a daily basis for associations,

  • A cultural and educational service : with specific Citizen Education actions for all

Ex: Mobile screen (local cinema) Danse au fil d’Avril, help with live shows…. Device “Read & Read » & Cultural Actions, resource center.

  • Promote Sport: with USEP (school and extra-curricular sport) and  UFOLEP

  • A Holiday Service: FOL 26 has  3 holiday centers. This service allows children to go on vacation (camps / discovery classes) and    also family and group stays. and

The La Fontaine d’Annibal team

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Our values

  • Conviviality: Our desire for availability, our human-sized structure and the activities we offer encourage the integration of everyone through meetings and exchanges.

  • Authenticity: we voluntarily work in close connection with the territory: the surrounding nature, heritage and local stakeholders.

  • Accessibility: We work to make our stays accessible to as many people as possible: social financing approach, desire for social diversity, involvement in welcoming people with disabilities.

  • Social commitment: although rigorous, our associative management approach is vigilant to the human aspects of our operation.

  • Environmental commitment: In many areas (cleaning products, food approach, recycled paper, waste sorting, etc.) the operation of the Fontaine d’Annibal integrates the preservation of resources and the reduction of its ecological impact.

Who are we?

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