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Cultures and visits


At the pace of your desires, between old stones and crafts, Drôme Provençal reveals its most beautiful facets. They are discovered little by little by visiting the villages and buildings which bear witness to history, by browsing, as they please, the magnificent landscapes of the Baronnies, where lovers of the past, of nature, of a change of scenery can find a little corner of paradise on Earth. Tradition, culture and the pleasure of the senses meet you ...

Au rythme de vos envies, entre vieilles pierres et artisanat, la Drôme Provençal vous dévoile ses plus belles facettes. Elles se découvrent peu à peu en visitant les villages et édifices témoins de l'Histoire, en parcourant, à sa guise les paysages magnifiques des Baronnies, où les amoureux du passé, de la nature, du dépaysement peuvent trouver un petit coin de paradis sur terre.

La tradition, la culture et le plaisir des sens vous donnent rendez-vous...

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House of plants and garden of scents

A guided tour of the "Maison des Plantes" and garden of scents is an opportunity to return to the culinary identifications and uses of aromatic plants, their properties and their traditions and history.

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Lavender distillery (Nyons)

Dedicated to lavender and aromatic plants, the 150m2 discovery space, accessible to all, presents the landscapes, botany, culture, history and distillation of these plants from Provence. From the plant to the essential oil, all the secrets of lavender are available to you!

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House of Vultures (Rémuzat)

Visit the House of Vultures in Rémuzat, and discover this species through an exhibition and a film presenting the Baronnie vultures and their reintroduction.

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Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux… Colossus of 1912 m, "bald mountain" which dominates Provence, and from which, in good weather, you can see the Mediterranean to the south, the great peaks of the Alps to the north.

Mont-Ventoux has been classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1990. This program helps protect the unique flora and fauna that inhabit the Giant. It should be noted that Mont-Ventoux is also a Natura 2000 site and an integral biological reserve since 2010.

And of course, in summer, Ventoux is lavender, from Sault to Aurel, with these blue fields that are close to the foot of the colossus!

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Museum of the olive tree (Nyons)

Visit to the olive cooperative and the olive museum and tasting of oils and olives. Over 300 m², the guide explains to his visitors, through exhibits, the ancient and more recent history of olive growing in Nyons and the surrounding area, the production of olive oil from the XVII to the XX century and its various uses.

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The red gold of Provence: The Saffran

Do you know what is called the red gold of Provence: it is saffron. The saffron is located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, in a small village in Provence since 2010. Crocuses are cultivated in a totally organic.Guided tours are organized to discover the magic of this unusual spice.October and November is the perfect time = possibility of participating in the harvest and sorting of saffron.

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La Scourtinerie (Nyons)

Founded in 1882, La Scourtinerie is the last manufacture in Provence. Formerly used for the traditional extraction of olive oil, scourtins, made of coconut fibers, have been available since 1956 under Provençal dishes and rugs in shimmering colors. You will attend all the stages of the realization of a scourtin.

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Grignan Castle

The village of Grignan and its famous Renaissance castle, unique in Provence, is built on a rocky outcrop around a listed Renaissance castle. First owned by the Grignan family and then by the Adhémar family, the medieval castle was transformed into a prestigious pleasure residence during the Renaissance, then in the 17th century, when the correspondence of the Marquise de Sévigné evoked the brilliance of this Provencal courtyard.

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The Crocodile Farm (Pierrelatte)

La Ferme aux Crocodiles is an animal park composed of a huge landscaped greenhouse of 8000 m2 and an outdoor course of 4000 m2 in which more than 400 animals evolve, among which 350 crocodiles. To recreate ecosystems and reflect the richness of nature, the Crocodile Farm also has 600 tropical plant species and varieties. You will also see monitor lizards, exotic birds and turtles.

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